The Rule of Law

Recommendation: Read it, think about it and then get ready to defend it, particularly in the age of the obstructionist tangerine 

Where to read: As publicly as possible (virtue signalling all the way)

Read with: This bad boy

In brief: It’s short, it’s succinct, it gets the point across.

I may have almost failed Legal Theory back in the day but I knew enough that I wasn’t that surprised by anything here. This would, however, be an excellent pick for anyone starting law school, wanting a refresh or frustrated by frequent references to the rule of law in media coverage without explanation. Of course, as Bingham explains, the term is difficult to comprehensively define.

The Rule of Law is far too slender to cover any, let alone all, of the debate on this subject in comprehensive fashion. What it does, however, is provide a clear, lucid account of what might be regarded as the key elements in western democracy and its vital importance to the body politic. It’s back chapters on terrorism are particularly sobering. See here for a far more learned review than I’m capable of providing. 

If you’ve got a spare day or two and need a reminder of the importance of democratic norms and a strong, independent judiciary (that means all of us), give it a go.

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