5 Love Languages

Recommendation: I suffer so you don’t have to

Where to read: Right before scheduling a kickboxing class

Read with: A bucket nearby, and not while eating

In brief: A more accurate title would be “A thousand and one ways you’re being unreasonable when you ask the pathetic excuse for a grown adult you made the mistake of marrying to help clean the space he occupies”

Probably some good ideas in places, nauseating read. It’s cloyingly born-again Christian, gendered as fuck, and heteronormative with a hefty dose of homophobia.

Also, tip for new players – if you’re told your relationship is in trouble and your response is “I don’t mind if she works outside the house as long as dinner is ready when I get home so I don’t see why she’s unhappy” …. you don’t need a book, you need the twentieth century.

If you just want some information on the concept, check out a chick magazine (and you might even find out what really turns her on at the same time).

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