House of Sky and Breath

Recommendation: No

Where to read: Nowhere

Read with: Moonshine

In brief: WHY IS THIS THE SIZE OF THE FUCKING CORPORATIONS ACT*!? And ‘MCU’ does not stand for the ‘Maas Cinematic Universe’ – not everything needs to be bloody connected, your series do not need to intersect.**

At the end of my review of the the first book in this series, House of Earth and Blood, I noted that the book set up some interesting themes and the series could potentially go on to say something valuable but ‘given how darned long each book is … I do not think I will be able to summon the emotional energy to find out.

I was correct.

I did not summon the emotional energy. I did not finish this book. I do not recommend you try.

*2001 (Cth)

**Matthew Reilly, this applies to you too

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