Recommendation: Just go read the column in the New York Times

Where to read: Late night in bed instead of in Youtube binges

Read with: Camomile tea

In brief: Sanders writes very well about medical issues and the stories are a well-selected, engaging set of anecdotes perfectly calculated to capture the House fan.

Dr Lisa Sanders is apparently the inspiration for the House tv show and she has a regular column in the New York Times where she writes about unusual cases and their eventual resolution. Diagnosis is a compilation of some of those entries, which is why I would suggest just reading the column rather than buying the book (noting that it was only $5 on Apple Books so not the greatest outlay of resources).

That said, it is an excellent read for those days you have a short attention span and really could not be bothered tackling anything meaty. Each case study is about three-four pages long and snappily written. There is also usually some attempt at least to draw a greater lesson but fundamentally it is just about curious little stories (as opposed to something like Complications which also uses the case study model to illustrate a set of broader issues. If you are happy with that, then you will enjoy this.

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